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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Glorious February Saturday morning

Today is the start of both the Presidents' Day three-day holiday weekend and of the mid-winter school break in our neck of the woods. The city of Saratoga Springs gets happily busy during holidays and today was no exception.  

I got out and about with greater alacrity than usual this morning and headed to the indoor farmers' market at the Lincoln Baths in Saratoga Spa State Park. Into my shopping bag went some honey crisp apples and the makings for an easy dinner for tonight: fresh crab cakes, local sweet potatoes, a rustic loaf of whole wheat bread, and in honor of  George Washington, a small cherry pie. 

I had planned to go for a walk while I was already in the park, so I stowed my purchases and set off on my favorite two-mile loop.

I love a winter day like this one. The sun was shining brightly on still-clean snow. The temperature was climbing above freezing and there were no frigid wind gusts. Lots of people were already out, walking dogs, jogging, pushing strollers, cross country skiing. Although I had only intended to walk, the pavement on the path was mostly clear of snow so I thought, why not jog a bit? And off I trotted. 

I wasn't really dressed right for a run, but I managed to jog nearly the whole two miles. I did slow down to pick my way across occasional icy patches, but I still made pretty good time (for an out-of-practice lady approaching 67, that is.) After a too sedentary January, to be outdoors, breathing in good clean air, rediscovering  the joy of running all over again felt wonderful. It's time to get back on a regular fitness schedule, for certain.

There are also many indoor pleasures in February. I am knitting a second pink "resist" hat at the request of a friend. Dreamily, I look at plant catalogs and think about what I'd like to change in my garden this spring. I have the pot of lilies of the valley that I bought recently from White Flower Farm to inspire me. From tiny pips, the plants have shot up and the blossoms are giving off that lovely Muguet de Bois scent. 

I've just finished reading Purity, by Jonathan Franzen, an author I usually enjoy. Didn't like this one so much. 500-plus pages of a slightly creepy dysfunctional cast of characters. Deciding I needed to cleanse my literary palate, so to speak, I've picked up a collection of Marilynne Robinson essays to read next: When I Was a Child I Read Books. And also on the night table is Convictions, by Marcus Borg. This last one I am reading along with the "theology book group" at the Presbyterian New England Congregational Church in Saratoga Springs. Ridiculously long name but an active, stimulating church that is involved in a lot of good stuff. This weekend, for example, they are hosting a public forum: Uniting Communities Against the Politics of Hate.  It will take place on Sunday, February 19, from 4pm-6pm. Check out the calender on their web page here for more information.

Enjoy this lovely winter weekend!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

A fox, a farmers' market, my favorite time of year

Our neighborhood red fox came calling again last evening. It was dusk and I had to photograph her through a screened window. Sadly, this means I can't show you her gorgeous color.

The HH* and I have mixed  feelings about Ms. Fox. It's wonderful to see this beautiful creature up close, but we worry about how our two small dogs would fare in a close encounter.

We watched Ms. Fox scarf up spilled bird seed for a few minutes, then the HH walked outside to shoo her away. I hope this doesn't mean I will have to stop putting out seed for the birds.

This morning, I headed for the Saratoga Farmers' Market again.
 It's such a lively, colorful place.
I bought potatoes, green beans, lettuce, but not tomatoes. I have a good-sized basket of those still from my own garden.
 I will make sauce tonight to serve with pasta and eggplant parm.
I bought apples (for apple crisp, maybe?) and farm-fresh Battenkill skimmed milk and some cream, both in returnable glass bottles. Oh, it's so good. How can skimmed milk be so good?
I bought ground beef from locally-raised Angus, free of hormones and all the other bad stuff some folks feed to cattle.
 The potluck picnic sounds like fun. Might jot that on the calendar, although the HH works on Sundays.
 I was temped by the asters, but they are definitely not perennial for me. Mums come back well, but never asters. I don't know what I do wrong.
 Zinnias. Must remember to plant those next year. They are easy and inexpensive to grow from seed. I just never think of them at the right time. 

Ah, next year. Gardening always gives one something to plan for and to look forward to. But if you like to be done with things, don't become a gardener. On the other hand, if you need an incentive to make it through a north country January, it's an excellent hobby.

But it's not winter yet and fall is truly my favorite time of year. Happy harvesting to you.

* HH = Handsome Husband