Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saratoga's "Families Belong Together" March

People began to assemble in Saratoga's Congress Park this morning well before the 11:00 AM start time for the "Families Belong Together" march. Saratoga Unites hosted the June 30th event,  partnering with Saratoga Immigration Coalition, Saratoga Peace Alliance and Saratoga Progressive Action.

After some opening remarks, about 1,000 people of all ages began to move north along the sidewalks on the east side of Broadway. The march looped around near City Hall and returned on the west side of the street to Congress Park.

Many passing cars hooted their approval and passers-by gave the thumbs up sign. 

Concern for the welfare of immigrants and their children, both locally and across the country, brought people to the march.
I share those concerns and was proud to be among the marchers today.   

My people were once immigrants, too.



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