Monday, March 19, 2018

Last Day of Winter

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     On this final day of winter, the Handsome Husband and I drove over to the Round Lake Preserve in the Town of Malta. Although the sky was beautifully blue, near the water, it was blustery and quite chilly. We could see a large beaver lodge out among the rushes and both saw and heard lots of Canada geese throughout the marsh.
    The HH and I both belong to our local Rotary club, which is proposing to install some additional benches in our town's recreational areas. We were at Round Lake to check out where a bench might be useful there. There seemed to be a good spot for one near the canoe/kayak launch area. Next step: get permission to put it there later this spring.
     We decided to keep heading east and drove through Mechanicville, then crossed the Hudson River/Champlain Canal into Hemstreet Park in the Town of Schaghticoke. There, we parked and walked in to Lock 3, currently closed for the season. The water was quite open so it won't be long before boat traffic returns to the canal.
    We were on a road neither of us had ever been on before, so we turned left to go north and explore along the east side of the Hudson. It was a lovely road but there was one problem: the Hoosic River appeared, with no bridge to get across it there. 
     No matter. We kept going, following the Hoosic through beautiful cropland, along fields still covered with snow and corn stubble. We passed the Knickerbocker Mansion, which neither of us was familiar with. With the help of Google, we now know that it is a local historic site, open on Sundays from May-October, 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM. We will have to go back in warmer weather and check it out.
      Eventually, we came to the Village of Schaghticoke, where we stopped so that I could buy a new bluebird nesting box from a roadside display. The maker, a young woodworker, said he had just put out his first batch, and that he made them every spring. I will have to remember that.
      As we turned to head home, my HH commented that it must be tough for school kids growing up in that village. Learning - and remembering - how to spell "Schaghticoke" in "Rensselaer" County would not be easy, he thought. I have to agree, since I had to look up both names in order to get them right here. 


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