Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Keeping civilization alive

The day after Donald Trump's election, I could barely speak. I am not exaggerating for effect here. I was numb, shocked to my core. I didn't turn on the TV, didn't read, didn't listen to anything on the radio. I just came to a standstill.

As I sat quietly and reflected on what had just occurred, I made some decisions. There are things I can control and there are things I cannot control. 

I have made a vow to do better, to be better, to fill my head with better stuff. 

In this regard, I intend to seek out more beauty, more art, more knowledge, better music, to be more generous, kinder, more useful. I have decided to work at doing my part to keep civilization alive.

So this past Monday, I drove down to Union College in Schenectady for a talk at the Nott Memorial. The lecture by Robin Wall Kimmerer was about culturally significant plants of the Adirondack region and renewing a respectful relationship with the natural world. 

The Nott Memorial is a very appealing space in which to hold an event like this. The sound system was great, the chairs comfortable, the free refreshments were delightful, the audience was attentive and respectful. Thank you, Union College and its Kelly Adirondack Center, for this free event. It was a lovely evening. In fact, it was downright ... civilized. I will go again.