Friday, July 10, 2015

The Train to North Creek

Our friend Val had a coupon.

 So she rounded up some of the usual suspects and off we went.
 We boarded the train at the Saratoga station around 10:00 am. Our conductor was suitably "on". He might have a future with Southwest if this gig doesn't work out for him.
 Heading north, the train slows at Hadley for those who wish to take photos.
 It is here that the Sacandaga River meets the Hudson.
 The tracks continue to follow the Hudson northward.
 Passengers are allowed to hang out in the vestibules between the cars. The windows there are left down, for both awesome views and photo ops.

The station in Thurman.
 Around 12:30, we arrived in North Creek. There were free shuttles for those who wished to visit sights further from town, such as the Gore Mountain gondola ride or the Barton Garnet mine.
But we chose to stay in town, find a spot for lunch, then stroll around and check out the shops. We enjoyed seeing the North Creek Mosaic Project in progress, a huge community mural being created with the guidance of artist Kate Hartley.
 By 3:30, we were back at the station, where there is a small museum.
 By 3:45 we were back on board, following the Hudson south toward home..

We arrived back at the Saratoga station just before 6:00 pm, happily tired from our day away.

The Saratoga and North Creek Railway offers lots of options for trips, depending on the season and the day of the week. There is food and beverage service available on the train. Passengers may leave their extra belongings on board while they are exploring North Creek, because you take the same train home. Check out the railway and its trip options here. We really enjoyed our day on the railway with their friendly, helpful staff. The folks in North Creek were very welcoming, too. I wouldn't mind going again.