Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What is locally grown, and what is not, in Ballston Spa.

 I was picking up a few things in Aldi's today in Ballston Spa. I was intrigued to notice the sign over the apples. I wondered what local orchard Aldi's was buying from.
 (Insert losing buzzer noise here.) They answer is: none. Come on, Aldi's. You disappoint me.

 A little later, the Handsome Husband and I popped into Zest, on Science Street, for a sandwich. We ate outside, on the little porch. Across the street, I noticed a young man working hard at putting in what looked to be a new garden.
 After lunch, I asked him if this was a new community garden. No, he told me. The garden is for a nearby restaurant, the popular Next Door Kitchen at 51 Front Street.
 Matt (as I think his name was) said he was planting an organic garden for herbs and flowers and a few vegetables, all started from seed.
 These would be used for cooking and garnishes at the restaurant. Now that is locally grown.

We have not yet eaten at Next Door Kitchen, but I have heard wonderful things about it. Guess we will have to move it up on our To Do list. How can you not love a place that turns a weedy vacant lot into an organic garden?
 Ballston Spa is really getting a vibe going. As rents in high-end Saratoga Springs continue to soar, all kinds of funky small businesses are putting down roots here instead (literally, it would seem.) There is a plethora of good places to eat, interesting shops, a bakery, antiques stores. If you haven't checked out Ballston Spa lately, you really should.

The SPAC summer season is heating up and the venue is just up the road from the village. Dinner in Ballston Spa before a show would be pretty convenient. But do make a reservation. These favorite eateries fill up fast.