Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Boots

I am loving my new bargain chore boots: twenty bucks in the men's shoe department at Walmart. Just what I needed to start tackling our backyard cleanup this afternoon.

If you live in snow country and have dogs, spring brings certain challenges. My new boots came in handy as the Handsome Husband and I started Round One of our annual toxic waste cleanup. If you face a similar undertaking, I recommend these boots.
Hasn't this been the grayest, brownest, coldest spring you can remember? Here it is April 7 and there are only a few hardy shoots greening up in our garden. 

I think the wild rabbits must be starving. They've been scarfing spilled birdseed in our backyard and I have never seen them do that before. Well, there just isn't anything green for them to eat yet.
Although most of our snow is gone, here and there, one can still find small patches that hang on stubbornly. One such patch is obstructing the door of our tool shed. However, the Handsome Husband managed to wrestle the lawnmower out anyway and popped it into the back of the car. We will take it for a spring tune up and sharpening later today. I think the HH is a bit optimistic. At this rate, I can't imagine there will be any lawn mowing needed until June.

Despite the gloomy weather, the HH and I did take a pleasant walk yesterday at the Saratoga Battlefield.. Even there, the tour road is still closed because of remaining ice and snow. But my goodness, it felt great to get outdoors and move. Come on already, spring!