Sunday, March 29, 2015

A British Tradition

 My Handsome Husband was born and raised in England. I have anecdotal evidence, therefore, that it is something of a British tradition to stop off at a local pub for lunch after church.
 So it was that today after church, we checked out a new tavern in Ballston Spa. 
Henry's had its grand opening on Friday on Front Street, next to the Ballston Spa post office. When we popped in on Sunday afternoon, every table was filled with happy-looking customers. We took the last available seats: two club chairs near a cozy gas fireplace.
Our waiter was very busy but remained poised and helpful. The tavern had run out of some of its craft beer selections, perhaps having underestimated the amount of business they would do on this, their first weekend. But we chose the Southern Tier IPA and had no complaints. Our burgers were tasty and were served with fresh-looking toppings. The decor is cheerful and the storefront windows let in some lovely sunshine this March day. I will definitely go there again.

Ballston Spa is looking good these days. There are a number of  popular restaurants and many interesting shops. If you haven't been to the village lately, you should check it out. And while you are there, try a nice cold pint at Henry's. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Find Henry's Tavern at 19 Front Street in Ballston Spa. Their website is here:  and they are also on Facebook.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Brief Road Trip

 The Berkshire Botanical Garden, just over the border in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, advertised a Bulb Show this month. Yesterday, I rode along with fellow Thursday Naturalist, Lois, to check it out.

It was a lovely day for an outing and both Lois and I were looking forward to seeing and smelling some spring blooms.

When we arrived after our 45 minute drive from Albany, we were a tad disappointed to discover that this "show" was quite... small. Very small, in fact. What was on display in the one diminutive greenhouse was lovely. However, I think the Berkshire Botanical Garden has made a mistake by advertising this small display of twenty of so pots of  forced bulbs and begonias as a show. They shouldn't have done that. Very misleading. So be forewarned.

On the plus side, the display introduced me to this plant, Clivia miniata, below. Horticulture Magazine describes this as, "A fairly indestructible blooming houseplant ."  They go on to say that because it likes dry air, dry soil and bright light with no direct sun, it is a good match for indoor growing conditions. It also likes to be potbound and will bloom even in a relatively tiny pot. Sounds like something worth trying at my house.

Lois and I did get one good tip from a couple who had popped in to look at the Berkshire "show".  They urged us to check out Smith College's Spring Bulb Show, which runs through March 22. So if you're looking for a more substantial display of flowers, check out the Smith College information here.

For now, I am counting the days until my neighborhood garden nursery opens for the season. I am ready to start digging!