Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glens Falls in late summer bloom

Late Saturday afternoon, the Handsome Husband and I drove up the Northway to our old hometown, Glens Falls, NY.  We were headed for dinner and a movie at Aimie's on Glen Street, but we allowed time for a pre-dinner walk. 

On this August evening, Glens Falls was looking pretty good. We strolled past an insurance office, above, that had a great mass of zinnias and late summer perennials in a colorful sidewalk garden.
We walked around the downtown Rite Aid to check out the community garden they host next to their building.
The garden is not fenced and lies open to any passers by. Yet, it seemed unmolested. 
 Bright flowers, ripening vegetables, and even some garden tools lay there for the swiping. How wonderful that people respect the gardeners and leave things alone.
While many of the small plots had vegetables, a few seemed to be solely cutting gardens of annual flowers.
The butterflies were enjoying those.
 We encountered an old acquaintance, Dan Hall, checking on his plot after having just returned from a week away on vacation. We chatted about our respective now-grown children. These days, Dan serves as the Councilman-At-Large on the city's Common Council. Dan told us that there are now five community
gardens across Glens Falls. That's terrific, I think.

We left Dan to finish hoeing around his ripening corn plants and continued meandering through some of the residential blocks near by. Glens Falls was my home for 27 years; we raised our three kids there. Like many upstate cities, it has its challenges. But it was good to see it looking so cheerful on this August evening.
Back in the downtown area, I took note of this poster about an exhibit at the beautiful Crandall Library's Folklife Gallery. I will have to go back and check that out.
And then finally, it was time to go see our movie and have some dinner. We were there to see A Most Wanted Man, a film based on a John le CarrĂ© novel. The movie has gotten good reviews and we both enjoyed it, but then, we are both fans of le CarrĂ©'s writing. I noticed that a couple at a table next to ours walked out midway through the movie. It is a bit dark and moody. It feels as though it were filmed in black and white, so gray is the city, the interiors, the costuming. It also happens to be the final film made by the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, which made it more poignant, I thought.

The Handsome Husband and I are happy for Glens Falls that this theater is still in business. What a nice asset it is for the city's downtown.