Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Better Housekeeping, maybe

People who are better housekeepers than I am may not have this problem, but I certainly do. It's that stuff that lurks in the back of the kitchen cupboards. 

I'm certain I bought this can of pumpkin last fall, thinking I would make pumpkin pie or pumpkin tea bread during the holidays. Or perhaps it was an extra can that I just never needed. 

Anyway, there it sits, not getting any younger. Time to do something with it. The recipes I would normally use canned pumpkin for tend to be sweet. My Handsome Husband doesn't really like sweet stuff. ("Sugar is poison!" he loves to declare.)

So today, I tried a new recipe, for Pumpkin Yeast Bread. I didn't follow it exactly, reducing the sugar, for example, from 1/2 cup to just one tablespoon (for above stated reasons.) I also used half whole wheat flour and half white flour, and subbed cinnamon for the cardamom. A good handful of oatmeal went in, as well, because that finished off the open container.

I used the dough hook on my sturdy KitchenAid mixer, then kneaded the dough briefly on a clean, lightly floured board.

Into a well-greased bowl it went to rise. I covered the bowl with a clean, damp dish towel.

 After about an hour and a half, it looks like this, above.

The dough is punched down, turned back out onto a board, and divided in half.  Each half is shaped into a loaf and popped into well-greased baking pans to rise again.

The pans are covered again with the clean, damp dish towel.

Be sure your dish towel is at least thirty years old.

After about 45 minutes, the loaves have nearly doubled and are ready to go into the oven.

Mmmm, smells good. When the loaves are done, remove to a rack for cooling.

Here's the Handsome Husband adding a little butter to the first slice.

The verdict? Not bad. I bet it will make great breakfast toast. And French toast, too!

Okay, one lurking can eliminated from the cupboard. Now, what can I make that's fairly healthy with that jar of maraschino cherries I have no idea why I bought? THAT will be a challenge.