Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Evening in Saratoga with Sonny and Perley

The weather was absolutely perfect Sunday evening for enjoying an outdoor concert. And what could be better than Sonny and Perley in Saratoga's Congress Park. Playing string bass with them last night was Bobby Kendall, from Troy, NY. They sounded great together.

An unofficial bonus last night was a group of young swing dancers. What fun they were to watch, moving so skillfully with their partners.

We happened to know one of the young ladies, a bright and talented local high school student. Such graceful energy!
There was a good-sized crowd there for the concert. (A few should NOT have brought their dogs with them, but that's a grumble for another time.)
At the break, pianist Sonny Daye introduced his beautiful granddaughter to some friends in the crowd. (Is that a proud grandpa or what?)
Last night's concert was the kick-off for Jazz in July, a month of free Sunday night concerts in Saratoga's Congress Park. Next week, the Peg Delaney Trio will be performing. Bring chairs or a blanket and a picnic, breathe in the soft evening air, and just feel the tension seep away. The concerts start at 7:00 pm.