Sunday, June 22, 2014

Round Lake Antiques Festival

I shouldn't have gone anywhere near this place today. I really am trying to pare down, to deacquisition the "treasures" I already own.

But the Handsome Husband was off doing his own thing and the lovely June afternoon beckoned.
The small and charming Village of Round Lake is quite near us. For antique lovers, this is a nice show, much of it set up along shady paths.

Whether I am haunting thrift shops or antique venues, I always seem to be drawn to the same sorts of things. Battered watering cans always catch my eye. I like them as planters for summer annuals. But since I already own three of them - or maybe four? - I left this one behind.

These colorful vintage tins were tempting. They'd be great for storing craft supplies.  

Nostalgia is a big factor in antique and thrift browsing. My eye was drawn to these dishes that are similar to some pieces my mother once owned.

I love the colors of old Chinese porcelain. but it's too rich for my blood. And when would I ever use it?

I did like these green dishes with the butterflies. Hung on the wall, they would be lovely art.

Don't know why but I rather liked the funky pink toy kitchen pieces. They would be fun in the guest room our granddaughters occasionally use.

I always notice old textiles, especially handwork. I hope this piece finds a loving and appreciative home.

Ditto this great red and white quilt.

I am a fan, too, of dog art. These two pieces, above and below, were not very expensive.

In the end, I only bought one thing: a pretty platter, of no great value, but it is something that I will actually use. I want a pat on the back for being somewhat abstemious today.

The Round Lake Antiques Festival is an annual event. Make a mental note to check it out next June. All money raised benefits the Round Lake Library and other good stuff in the village.