Monday, March 24, 2014

Tulips, maybe

Chipmunks. In our yard, we have plenty of chipmunks, along with voles and squirrels. I have given up trying to grow tulips because all of these varmints will eat them.

But then I started reading Garden Rant.

Posts by gardeners who blog there, such as Elizabeth Licata (see, for example, this one) and Michele Owens (see hers, too) emboldened me to try another tack.

Last November, I saw a few bags of leftover tulip bulbs marked down to half price at a local store. What the heck, I thought, I will try them in pots like Elizabeth Licata does.

So unceremoniously, I stuck the bulbs in some pots, watered them well, and set them in our unheated garage. I covered the pots with other heavy pots turned upside down to discourage rodents. And then I pretty much forgot about them.

Until this week.

Shoot, I thought. I should have watered those poor tulip bulbs.

But when I removed the inverted coverings ...

Awww, they managed to survive the winter despite my neglect. Big Smile, indeed.

Both pots have been given a good drink of water and the covers will remain off.
As soon as the weather warms up just a little, I will move the pots to our porch. Or maybe inside.

For not much money or trouble, I will have some tulips to enjoy before long.

Thank you, Garden Rant, for the inspiration. (I loved this more recent post, too!)