Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bands 'n Beans 2014

Malta's own Don Young was playing in not one but two of the bands featured at this year's Bands 'n Beans in Lake George. This annual fundraiser helps pay for the Lake George Arts Project's many free-to-the-public programs such as their Summer Concert Series in Shepard Park and the Lake George Jazz Weekend.

This afternoon, Don Young helped rock the packed house at Roaring Brook Ranch, first with the Stony Creek Band and then with Big Fez & the Surfmatics.

We had headed up to Roaring Brook Ranch to meet up with our friends Val ...

...and Larry.

The size of the crowd gives you a hint about how long this winter has been. Lots of folks were happy to get out and hear some foot stompin' music and sample lots of spicy chili. It was a perfect antidote to some serious North Country cabin fever.

I was happy to run into some old friends and former co-workers...
...and some locally famous folk.
Matt Funicello is a Green Party candidate for Congress. He was there with Amber Lannutti, helping the fundraiser by giving out lovely bread from Matt's Rock Hill Bakehouse. Matt is a good egg and a generous businessman. If there is a good local cause, Matt is there with his wonderful bread. I wish him well in his campaign for Congress. You can follow Matt Funicello's campaign on his Facebook page: Matt for Congress - NY District 21.

You can also find Matt's wonderful Rock Hill bread at many local grocery stores, farmers' markets, and at the Rock Hill CafĂ© in Glens Falls.

It's good stuff.