Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blood, beer, breasts, and Thai food

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?

I started the day at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Malta where, by 9:30 AM, I was in the interview portion of a Red Cross blood donation. Thanks to a very skilled phlebotomist, I was out of there and back on the road within an hour. Nothing to it. If you are eligible to donate blood but never have, please consider doing so. My first-born child is alive today because someone donated blood. My way of thanking them is to donate, too. Click here to find out if you qualify. Somebody's mom will be forever grateful to you.

 Around 1:00, the Handsome Husband and I headed to the Schmaltz brewery near Exit 10 in Clifton Park. We had some bottles to return and the brewery was celebrating the release of a new batch of their Funky Jewbelation ale.

The tasting room dudes gave us the pitch: Jewbelation is a blend of seven ales, aged in whiskey barrels, blah blah blah. They almost had me until the guy said, "It's an acquired taste. It's a sour ale. Some folks think they've opened a bottle that's gone bad." Hmmm.

So we opted for a small tasting glass of Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale instead. It was very good, but then, I'm a hoppy kind of gal. But since one isn't supposed to drink a lot of alcohol after donating blood (it's important to re-hydrate) we left it at that.

Schmaltz makes some very good ales, no question. But buyer beware: some of the brews are very pricey. Depending on the variety, prices range from $35 to $100 a case. Just check out the price list before you get too gung ho. But the staff is glad to sell you samples before you buy.

The Slidin' Dirty food truck was also at the Schmaltz Brewing Company on Saturday. Made famous by being a top pick on the Live with Kelly and Michael show last year, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to give their sliders a try.

Good, very good. I recommend the Dirty Ninja: sautéed bok choy and shitake mushrooms, scallion, sesame seed, Asian mustard. Your choice of beef, chicken, or veggies. Yum.

On Saturday evening, we headed up the Northway with our intrepid friends Larry and Val to see an art exhibit of the work of a long-time family friend. We were headed to the Glens Falls Shirt Factory, a reclaimed building that houses about 75 artist studios and a number of retail shops. We've known Matt Farenell since he was a kid. Matt's photography is very good, but he does favor shooting young ladies sans their knickers. Prude that I am, I'm waiting for Matt to shoot a nice old apple tree or something so that I can finally buy one of his pieces to hang in our house. You can read more about Matt's work here.  And if you want to see some lovely breasts, you should definitely check out Matt's work.  Seriously, though, congrats, Matt. You do terrific work.

After leaving the art exhibit, we four headed for downtown Glens Falls. We found the Siam Thai Sushi restaurant on Maple was hopping. We strolled around Glen Street until they called Larry's cell to tell us they had a table for us.

When our dinners arrived, I was so hungry I forgot to take photos. You will have to take my word for it that the dinners not only looked good but tasted good, too. There is something extra wonderful about a spicy exotic dish on a cold, still wintry night in upstate New York. It warms you to the core.
I would definitely recommend Siam Thai Sushi.

Even after this endless brutal winter, downtown Glens Falls, our old hometown, was looking pretty good this weekend. Good restaurants, the lovely Crandall Library, the Civic Center, theaters, the amazing Hyde Collection, a thriving arts community, what's not to like?



  1. Sounds like a really fun full day. Thanks for bringing us along.

  2. 1. Thank you for the kind words.

    It should be noted however that I'll shoot everyone & everyone. "Young ladies" are simply the most willing in being in front of my camera. If I could find more elderly or males who wanted to embark on my crazy adventures, I'd be more than happy to include them. Unfortunately that's not the case. & yes, they are more than welcome to keep their knickers on.

    2. & those that remove their knickers, these are simply the people that share my belief that nudity by itself is in no way shape or form sexual. Nudity equaling sex is simply a societal shaming mechanicism, a mechanicism that I fundamentally reject.

    & here's why.

    Its partially done because we as a society have been conned that we aren't good enough & in order to "fix" us, we need to buy a product that helps us fit into a Madison Ave constructed norm. Its also a constructed norm where being exposed to repeated violent acts generates almost no reaction yet showing a boobie during a live event is a $550K (Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction).

    Think about it.

    Most of us are nude when we shower or take a bath, yet that's not usually thought of a sexual act. Same goes for breast-feeding despite the fact that in 5 states that particular act is not extempt from public indeceny laws. As a big proponent of the Equal Protection Clause under the 14th Amendment, why is it that man can be topless in public (like on a hot summer's day) yet its an outrage when a woman does the same exact thing in the same exact place? This was the legal rationale striking down some public indecency law (NY vs Santorelli - 1992). Its also why the NYPD lost a lawsuit against one of my models when she was involved in one of those public art exhibitions (though not involving my shoot):

    I just think faux-outrage is bunk. There are a lot of things that need fixing in America but getting ones knickers in a twist because a guy or girl chooses to exercise that particular freedom in a nonthreatening environment or in a nonthreatening way is of little concern to me.


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