Sunday, December 8, 2013

An acquired taste

 My British-born Handsome Husband came to this country with an occasional yen for steak and kidney pie.  His beloved stepmother, Florence, made him wonderful pies sometimes. But she grew old and eventually, I learned from her and from The Joy of Cooking how to make a pretty good one myself. It has been years, however, since I've made one.
How come you never make steak and kidney pie anymore, the HH asked a while ago.
The answer was simple: our grocery stores stopped selling kidneys. No market for them, I was told. Unless I wanted to order a twenty-five pound box of kidneys for our personal use, neither Hannaford nor Price Chopper could help me out. So, this dish disappeared from our menu.
Fast forward to Saturday's farmers' market in Saratoga. I stopped by the Lewis Waite Farm booth hoping for beef short ribs (alas, they were out) when I suddenly noticed that what they did have included - kidneys!


 So with both "steak" and kidney in hand (and from good, local, healthy beef) home I went to put steak and kidney back on the menu for Sunday evening.

Because it has been so long since I have cooked this, I was a little apprehensive. Years ago, I had made a few notes in The Joy of Cooking about how I wanted to change parts of their recipe. That helped somewhat.

The recipe calls for beef broth and about a cup of good beer.

That leaves just enough beer for the cook to sip while completing the preparations.

And how did it turn out? It was not a thing of beauty but the HH didn't complain. He enthusiastically ate a generous serving. And then ate another.

As for me...well, steak and kidney pie is an acquired taste. But I am glad that the HH enjoyed it.

Maybe we can have short ribs next weekend. That recipe calls for a little beer, too. ;-)