Saturday, September 7, 2013

Albany Jazz Fest

The Handsome Husband and I headed to the downtown Albany (NY) riverfront this afternoon to the 12th annual jazz festival there.

To get to the Corning Preserve, you have to cross the pedestrian bridge over a busy interstate bypass.
The riverwalk along the Hudson sported several cheery food and beverage tents this day. Some city police officers had wisely stationed themselves near the tent selling beer and wine.

 These folks probably had the best seats at the festival.
The Handsome Husband spotted friend and local jazz musician, Tim Coakley, above right, host of the Tim Coakley Jazz Show on WAMC since 1987. He was there promoting a concert series for A Place for Jazz.

We came primarily to hear the local band, Sensemaya...
 ...who played a great set this afternoon.

There was a respectable-size audience, but since the festival was free, I thought it might be more crowded. However, school has started back up so no doubt families had soccer games and what-not to attend this fall day.
For those of us who were there, Sensemaya was a lot of fun. There wasn't as much dancing, though, as one often sees at outdoor venues.

But then, this couple was walking past and the man grabbed his partner and began to spin her around. She had a straw hat on that kept slipping, so she gently tossed it aside while they danced to the Latin beat. They were pretty good.
Suddenly,  a young man walked up and dropped money in the woman's cast-aside hat. The audience roared.

We left after Sensemaya's set. The weather was looking iffy by then and so we headed back up the Northway toward home. Indeed, in a short while, rain moved in. What a shame. I hope the festival folks had a back-up venue.