Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adirondack August

I truly believe that every place on earth has its beauty if you look for it. But in New York State's Adirondack Mountain region, you don't have to look very hard.
On this late summer day, I borrowed a friend's kayak and took a paddle around a small Adirondack lake.  On numerous fallen trees, painted turtles were basking in the afternoon sun. When I got too close, with a quiet -blip!- they were gone.


Purplish-blue Pickeralweed was blooming in a shallow spot along one shore.

Further along, I drifted among lily pads and listened to the quiet of the late summer woods.

The petals of the Small White Water-lily open in the afternoon. There were only a few in bloom today.

This female mallard wanted nothing to do with me. I've gotten so used to park-dwelling ducks that I forget that truly wild critters don't expect a hand-out.

 A loon was also on the lake but I couldn't get close enough to take a photo. I did watch it dive for its lunch and goodness, it seemed to stay down forever.

This swimming critter, below, was friendlier.

Oddly, I also came upon a floating carrot. Aha, I thought. So this is where Frosty the Snowman ended up when he melted.

This fishing spider is hard to spot against the weathered wood, but trust me, she was a big 'un! Can you see her?

I paddled the entire shoreline of the lake - slowly - in about an hour. Upon my return, the Handsome Husband took the kayak out and I went for swim.

On the shore, meadowsweet (I think) was in bloom. I hope it was meadowsweet, anyway, because that is one of my favorite wildflower names.

Meadowsweet: what could be lovelier than that?

Summer, do please stay around a little longer.