Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday in Schuylerville

At the Handsome Husband's suggestion, we headed out across rural eastern Saratoga County (NY) this afternoon to check out 18th Century Day at the General Philip Schuyler House.
The best show there was this sheep shearer, whose name, regrettably, I failed to find out. He was a raconteur extraordinaire, who kept up a steady stream of story telling as he sheared his patient ewe. There is an actual, live, half-sheared sheep at his feet in this picture. It never moved when the shearer paused to look at his audience and deliver a punch line.

 By the looks of the calm ewes-in-waiting nearby, they have heard his stories before and all this is old hat to them.
A young lady from the crowd was invited to turn the crank of the old fashioned clippers, a hard job that our host insisted was only fun for about a minute.

Saratoga farmer Joe Peck was there, with a display of 18th century farm tools. But the real hit of his corner was the four-day-old bull calf he had brought along.

I liked the small but tidy herb garden behind the house. On this warm day, it was putting out a lovely mixed, earthy scent.

There were a lot of folks dressed kinda like this lady, who was talking about how beer was brewed in days of yore.

I must say, the event today offered lots of things for kids to see and touch and try out. Here, kids were taking turns dipping candles.

I was more interested in the fiber-related demos: the dyers, below, and the spinners and weavers. 18th Century Day is an annual event. Watch for it next year at about this time.

After a bit, we moved on to the Old Saratoga Reformed Church in the Village of Schuylerville.

This is a lovely 1857 church and we enjoyed a pleasant pulled pork lunch there. We also met their delightful pastor, Joyce deVelder, and her husband David. How friendly and welcoming they and the other folks volunteering there were.

After lunch, we moved on to the village's main street which was looking very cheerful and flower-filled today. We dawdled a bit at Old Saratoga Books, an excellent used book store we've both been to many times before. We came home with four new-to-us books, for a whopping price of $5.00 plus tax.

I am always especially charmed by the book store's resident cat, Sam, who will readily come sit in your lap should you sit down to peruse a book. In the photo below, Sam is enjoying the store's view of the Hudson River.
Check out the store's Facebook page here.

Next door to the book store is The Laffer Gallery, which currently has an art exhibit entitled Equine Concepts, through September 22.

At one time, Schuylerville was actually called "Saratoga", thus, all of the "Old Saratoga" references in store and church names. Schuylerville is in a pretty part of the world, near some important historic sites. Near by, there are also some good places to walk or bike along the river. If you've never been there, that area makes a fine day away, especially on a summer day as lovely as this was.