Friday, August 2, 2013

100 Acre Woods

The Handsome Husband and I set out in Malta's 100 Acre Woods this morning for a walk with the dogs. The trails here are wide and well-mulched and the shade makes them appealing on a hot summer day.

As so often happens, the HH ends up with both dogs while I pause to poke and peer and photograph whatever catches my eye.

At this time of year, there are not many forest-dwelling flowers in bloom.
Today, however, I did find this naked-flowered tick-trefoil, above, a member of the pea family. Can you see the dainty green pods forming where the blossoms have gone by?

There was also this white wood aster. I have read that its young leaves are edible when cooked.

There were lots of blackberries and raspberries ripening where the sun could filter through the trees overhead.

 Woodpeckers have been hard at work here.

 I know nothing about mushrooms. A mushroom field guide is on my wish list.  Seems like a good excuse for an early visit to our new local bookstore.

 Back out of the woods and into the sunlight, the pollinators were busy with the much more plentiful roadside wildflowers. This white admiral butterfly paused long enough to have his (her?) picture taken.
 The Queen Anne's lace was dotted with these slender insects. Must look them up.
The bull thistles were keeping the bees happy.

Midsummer is so filled with ripening and harvesting, glorious colors and scents, teeming insects and nodding flowers. But already, the nights are a little cooler, the darkness comes a little earlier. No, not yet, I think. There is still a month of summer to come.