Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm old fashioned (I hope)


Am I old fashioned, environmentally conscious, or just déclassé?  Whatever the answer is, come "good drying weather", out goes my laundry to soak up the sun's rays and the fresh air. I can't help it; I swear it's in my blood.

When I was a child, our mother would be up doing laundry at the crack of dawn. Before any of the rest of us stirred, she would have a load or two of clothes already hung out on the clothesline.  Mom eschewed electric dryers as wasteful and didn't own one for most of her life. Since she was the daughter of a dentist and the wife of an IBM engineer, I choose not to see this as a class thing. Perhaps her background was the very thing that gave her the confidence to keep using a clothesline long after most homemakers had abandoned them. Mom was also, however, a child of the Depression and frugality stuck to her like superglue.

I do own a dryer and confess that for most of the year, that is what I use.  But come a hot July morn, I feel the call to get out there and let the sun dry our sheets and towels for free. Hanging out laundry is a peaceful, quiet, satisfying way to start a day.  I guess that was what my mother discovered, too.
My friend Anne has been posting some lovely photos of the varied daylilies and other flora in her July garden. For her, I send back this, a photo from my own garden. This yellow daylily was glowing neon-like against the darker foliage in the early morning light today. Another perk of being out and about early, hanging up laundry: you see things in a different light.

Our resident chipmunk was up early today, too, already mulling things over in the flowering plum tree near our front door. He (she?) likes to survey the neighborhood from this low horizontal branch. Yup, it's summertime and the livin' is easy, isn't it, Mr. Munk?