Friday, June 14, 2013

Reclaiming the Eco Park gardens, Part Two

Gleaming and Steaming

After days of rain, the Malta Eco Park was looking lush when we arrived to do some work this morning. Above, a multiflora rose was glowing in a sunny space alongside one of the boardwalks.

The rain-sodden mulched paths steamed as the sun began to warm them.

Sadly, not all who have been here recently came because they wished to admire the beauty of the June woods.

We got busy on the second quadrant of the welcome garden. As I wrote here previously, our Friends group is trying to reclaim this area.

 Judy came to help weed and plant.

Al, too, arrived with his tools and his cheerful good humor.

The Handsome Husband took on litter patrol. The good news is, there wasn't all that much litter to pick up. We think the town highway department must have been picking up there recently. Thanks, guys! I am also hoping that increased activity at the park is discouraging the partiers.

After an hour and half of good work, we left the Eco Park as fresh as a daisy. Thank you, Al, Judy, and HH!