Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reclaiming the Eco Park Gardens, Part One

We've made a start! This morning, four of us met at the Town of Malta Ecological Park and began the task of reclaiming the gardens near the pavilion. There had been some daylilies planted there, but they had become surrounded by weeds and then weed wacked into near oblivion. In the photo above, Al was starting to dig out the weeds while preserving what was left of the beleaguered lilies.
 Saba was unable to join us this morning but she sent her friend Evi to help us. Bless her heart, Evi was a cheerful and energetic presence. I hope she will come back!
A newcomer to Malta (Round Lake) Cindy, above, was the first to arrive. She brought some lovely pansies to add to the garden and helped set in my marigolds, too.

That's me on the left, above. I think I did more "supervising" than weeding, but there is still lots more to do. I will do my fair share next time, I promise!

 We marked the rescued daylilies with not-very-eco-friendly but brightly colored plastic knives so that we could avoid tromping on them as we worked.
 For now, we have tucked in some annuals around the daylilies. Cindy suggested that we plant some ferns in this area for a more permanent and woodsy garden. I think that would look nice.

Last week, this area, above, was full of dandelions. Then it was weed-wacked. Now it is beginning to look like a garden again.

We four were pretty happy with this start.  Although we only had time and energy and annuals enough to work on one quadrant of the garden today, we will be back next week.

Please watch this space for the time and date of our next work day. If you would like to help, you would be most welcome!