Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Malta Eco Park garden needs some lovin'

 The garden area at the Town of Malta Ecological Park needs some lovin'.
 There's a great space already laid out for a garden around the welcoming pavilion.
 At some point, there were plantings here. I can see what I think are daylilies coming on.
 Not quite sure what else worth keeping might be lurking in here.
 I'm fairly confident that the parks department would be happy to have our Friends group take over caring for this garden.
 It's so visible, right at the entrance. What about some annuals? Are there any colorful, eco-friendly annuals that would be appropriate for this spot?
 I'm looking for suggestions, design ideas, and weeding help.
 So, gardening friends and pros, what should go here?
 There is no watering source at the park so whatever gets planted needs to be drought-resistant.
 The plants should be low-ish, I think, and have a tidy habit so that visitors don't trip over them.
Our next Friends meeting is this Wednesday, May 22, at 6:30 in the Malta Community Center, corner of Route 9 and Bayberry Dr. in Malta, NY.
If you are interested in helping to create some garden areas at this park, please join us.