Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A walk in a Malta park and a dream to complete it.

In the shady sections of the woods, there was still a dusting of snow on the ground when we set out late this morning for the Malta Ecological Park.

While some people are spending this week on Florida beaches, the Handsome Husband and I had a plan to walk the dogs and do a little litter clean-up as we went. Not glamorous, but a useful way to spend a morning.

I had also hoped to remove some of the sticker graffiti on the park's signs. However, the day was cold and blustery and my fingers soon became too numb to scrub off the stickers.

I made a little progress there but now know I need (a) a taller step ladder; (b) a warmer day; and (c) a better scraping tool of some variety.

There is no alcohol allowed in the park, but the HH* found lots of beer cans to pick up. He was somewhat hampered by the dogs, however.
(Yes, you are very cute, but too ill-trained to stay nearby when the woods are calling...) 

So back on the leashes the dogs went while the HH continued litter patrol.


There is something very satisfying about leaving a public space a little cleaner than you found it. 

We have become very interested in this particular town park.  Although the Town of Malta owns 188 acres here, only a small portion of that land has been developed as a park.

In 2005, the LA Group finished a three-phase master plan for this park, but to date, only phase one has been completed.

I would love to see the park's nature trail system finished. I also think it would be a great site for a botanical garden, which could become a regional attraction.

Picture this: several well-tended acres with paths winding through display gardens. There, the plants, trees, and shrubs would be carefully labeled so that visitors could learn what thrives in this region. Nearby, interpretive woodland trails would showcase plants native to New York State. With each season, there would be something new to see and learn about.

188 acres is a lot of land.

What do you think? A botanical garden in Malta? Why not?

*HH = Handsome Husband