Friday, July 27, 2012

Only two more shows this summer for Saratoga Shakespeare

 Imagine Shakespeare in Havana and you have a pretty good picture of this year's very good production of Twelfth Night by the Saratoga Shakespeare Company. 

The Handsome Husband and I hied our way over to Congress Park Friday night to see this free performance with a distinctive Latin flavor.
 At the very beginning, we weren't too sure that this version was going to work, but it definitely grew on us.
 In general, we are fans of free summer Shakespeare programs in parks and this production was a lot of fun.
 The actors are a good mixture of familiar faces along with a lead from Columbia and another from Havana.
 The original Shakespeare dialog is left pretty much intact. They may have cut some things, the HH thinks, but I don't know the play well enough to verify that.
 The actors are miked so there's no problem hearing, even in the lovely outdoor setting in Congress Park.
There are only two more performances scheduled. The show on Saturday evening, July 28, at 6:00 pm, will include live music by Sensemaya, an Albany area Latin jazz band. 
 The final performance will be a matinee on Sunday, July 29, at 3:00 pm. You should pack a picnic and go.


Quiet Friday

We've been needing rain and today it has come. It's the right kind of rain, too. Warm, gentle, lasting all morning.

A few days ago, I took this picture, below, trying to get a photo of a butterfly (that's the blur at the center top.) You can see how brown our neighbors' lawns are, and how dried up and sad-looking my usually lush bee balm border is.

As I said, we've been needing rain.

 But I've also been needing a quiet day and today, I've got that, too.

Some over-night guests, beloved family, have just left. The Handsome Husband has gone off to work. It's just the dogs and me for a while. Quiet, nice quiet.

It's a good day to finish up the lace scarf I've been working on. It's a learning project. I've never tried knitting lace before.

 This camera setting, below, shows the true color better. 

The yarn is called "Hempathy", a washable blend of hemp, cotton, and modal, made in Italy, purchased at Common Thread in Saratoga. 

The color is "Terracotta". I think it will be lovely for fall.

The soft rain and the soft yarn, with the quiet company of the dogs, just what I needed today.