Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Day in Maine...

Our one full day in Maine began with an al fresco breakfast with Bob's nephew Pad and his wife Cecilia.

At Mae's in Bath, a lobster omelet for me... the shade of this ancient maple tree.
 Then off to Reid State Park and its lovely beaches...
... where the water was actually warm enough for us all to get in and swim.
We eventually retreated to this quiet lagoon to find some shade,

where Patrick and Bob solved all of the world's problems.
 Then we made our way to the nearby Georgetown dock.
 At the Five Islands Lobster Company, we had steamed clams and lobster, with corn on the cob and boiled red potatoes, sitting outside on the dock. Heaven!
 This little corner of Maine on Sheepscot Bay has escaped condo and motel development, I am happy to report.
You can watch your dinner go from boat to table.
 Just to be certain that all of the world's problems had been solved that day, we repaired (on foot) to an Irish pub in Bath near our hotel.
 A long pleasant day outdoors, good company, full bellies, and
 a cold IPA or two ... who could ask for anything more?
And about that classic pineapple shirt? It's a vintage LL Bean shirt (truly) from about fifteen years ago, when LL Bean still really was  LL Bean.