Saturday, July 21, 2012


This has NOT been a great summer for gardening. See this photo above? That's a tomato hornworm. It's hard to see because it's exactly the same color as the plant. More about that in a minute.
At the urging of the Handsome Husband, in late spring I planted a small vegetable garden in our backyard. Heretofore, I only had flower gardens, with just a few token tomatoes and some pots of herbs on the deck. I was perfectly happy with this arrangement, I might note.

A little reluctantly, I cleared a spot and stuck in some peas, beans, assorted salad greens, and some carrots. Why reluctantly? Because I know from past experience just how much work vegetable gardens are and how prone they are to misfortune. Farmers markets and u-pick farms abound in our area and honestly, I didn't think it was worth the effort.

So how's it going? Well, what the chipmunks and rabbits didn't eat, the woodchuck just finished off. Not to mention the effects of this summer's drought.

I won't be harvesting a single thing from my small experimental plot.

But the tomatoes were looking great, until...

these gross critters showed up. Wonderful. Now each morning and evening, I will have to inspect my plants, peering closely to spot these suckers, and then dispatching them to their greater reward.

The HH is trying to keep me focused on the positive.

We will get different fencing next year, he says.

I never read The $64 Tomato  (the title alone seems sufficient) but maybe I should do so now.

Or better yet, I'll get a copy for the HH to read.

Either that or before next spring we're going to have to adopt a large, slavering, woodchuck-eating hound.