Friday, July 13, 2012

Lots of blueberries and one red dog

It's a tradition I have become fond of.  Every July, Eileen invites teacher friends, some retired and some still working, to come pick blueberries at a farm near her home.

The Black Creek Valley, near West Hebron in Washington County, NY, is a lovely place.
 Despite the heat and dry weather we've been having, there were plenty of berries.
 I will freeze most of my berries in one cup parcels. Then later, in the depths of winter, we will enjoy muffins or pancakes or crumbles tasting of summer and old friendships.
 Pam was there...
 ... and Sue...
 ...and Sarah...
 ... and Mary.  Somehow I missed taking pictures of Eileen and the other Sue. Some years more folks come.
 After I filled my bucket, I strolled up to the farm store.
 They sell plants out front and all kinds of local products inside.
It was so hot, 93 degrees, that the farm wasn't very busy today.
 But Jon Katz and Red were there, along with Jon's wife, Maria.
 Yes, that Jon Katz. He also took my picture, petting the famous Red. Will it appear on his blog tomorrow?

I forgot to tell Jon Katz that I'd bought this very book for our granddaughter Lexi's birthday this past year.
 Mary S. was disappointed to learn she'd missed him. She's read all of his books and is a true dog person.

Fitting nicely with the Katz/border collie theme, there are a few sheep at Gardenworks. Wisely, they were hanging out inside the barn, out of the sun.

 With our berries picked, we drove back to Eileen's for a swim and a vegetable lasagna lunch.

It was a good day in a lovely part of the world with some good folks. Thank you, Eileen.

See you next year, Black Creek Valley.