Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Definitely not as hip as I used to be

I have to come to terms with it: I am definitely not as hip as I used to be.

Evidence point #1: Phish played three concerts in a row this past weekend just down the road from us at SPAC and I didn't attend any of them.

Evidence point #2: Look at what I am reading!!! Definitely not hip. On top of the books' lack of coolness factor, one taxes my eyes (oh those teeny little Barbie stitches) and the other challenges my vocabulary (antinomian?)  I have to keep the dictionary near by when I am reading the Paul Johnson. Maybe it will help me to stave off complete senility a little longer.

And for those of you who may question my feminist creds for making Barbie doll clothes... 

Well, you try looking at that sweet Tennessee girl's face when she says, "Grandma Bee, can you make a sweater for my doll?"

Well, yes, darlin', I can and I will.

What are you reading this summer (aside from that book with the grey tie on the cover)?