Thursday, July 5, 2012

Out of sync gardens and I can't say no to free.

 I was out moseying around the garden yesterday, trying to put together a red, white, and blue bouquet to take to a friend's Fourth of July party.  The garden is pretty stressed right now. Odd weather all year, and now a dry spell, but I managed to find a few things.

As I poked about here and there ... hold on, what's this? Chrysanthemums in bloom? On the Fourth of July? Mums in my northern New York State garden don't usually bloom until the end of the summer and into the fall. But there they were, blooming away, a full two months early.
This doesn't bode well for having much color in my fall garden. Nature is sure out of sync this year.
My tomatoes are looking good, though, despite the fact that I planted them very late.  Fruit is forming and I am getting ready for some warm, sweet, juicy goodness before too long.

 Most summers, I love to hit the garage sales and find new treasures at bargain prices. But this year, I took a hard look at what's cluttering up the guest room and basement and said, "Enough. Time for some de-acquisitioning."

I've been good, honest I have. I even took a bunch of our stuff to my church's garage sale and another box to the library book sale.

But Tuesday morning, I saw this little wooden picnic table sitting out in front of someone's house with a "free" sign on it. It was child-sized, and we just happen to have three sweet young  granddaughters.

My husband looked a little skeptical as he helped me unload the diminutive table from the car, but after nearly twenty-eight years of marriage, he was wise enough not to say anything.

True, our granddaughters don't live close by, and true, they don't often visit here in warm weather, but they might. And it was free.

Well, I can always bring it to next year's church garage sale.