Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Saturday

Checking out the winter market of the Saratoga Farmers Market was my goal for this Saturday morning.

After a breakfast of some homemade bread toast from yesterday's baking (yum!)  I headed to the Division Street School.
The Swiss chard tempted me. Gotta think what to cook it with and buy some next weekend. Beautiful colors.
There were root vegetables in abundance. I bought parsnips, which I have come to appreciate in recent years.
 Mmmm, buttermilk. I like to use this for baking. Maybe next week for this, too.
Ramps! I don't know what to do with ramps. Anybody know any good recipes? I know that ramps are a wild onion or leek, available only for a short time in early spring. At least, that's what one farmer told me. Lots of folks were selling them today. I guess a Google search could help me find a recipe.
Good music at the market today, the toe-tapping kind.
This afternoon, the Handsome Husband and I took a walk down our road to see how spring is progressing.
One neighbor has lovely daffodils...
while across the road from them, the foals are beginning to arrive. Mama was worried about me getting too close so I moved on. 

In one paddock, these yearlings, below, were curious about everything. Another paddock held several pregnant mares looking uncomfortable as they stood quietly, waiting for their time to come. I chose not to bother them for a photo.

Below, the shadblow is blooming. Also called serviceberry and shadbush, it's a small native tree that I associate with upstate New York and the Hudson Valley. I want to plant one in our yard. They are hard to find commercially, but I just noticed an ad today for a local dealer, Bob's Trees in Galway, that says they sell them. Gonna check that out.

A little further down the road, the young beef cattle have arrived. I assume these are Herefords. I like that there are still pockets of farming in our rapidly growing town.
My husband just informed me that the Mets won their game today. They are 2 and 0, he says happily. 

Yup, it's early spring in upstate New York. Come next fall, I give the Mets about the same chances I give these Herefords.