Friday, April 6, 2012

A simple supper for Good Friday

Today was a quiet day of puttering around the house, trying to get back into the swing of things after a month away from home. 

Because it is Good Friday and because my Handsome Husband had to work tonight, I wanted to plan a simple meatless supper for the two of us.

I started this morning by mixing up some dough for a multi grain bread that I baked in a Dutch oven, which I have written about here before. As you can see from the first photo, it came out really well, round and crusty, just like artisan bread from a bakery, only better.

Next, I made a curried lentil soup, inspired by one I'd read about on another blog. The recipe starts with a bit of fresh ginger and some garlic - oh, those two scents are mahvolous together. Here below, the soup is just ready to come to a boil. Then it simmered for about 30 minutes.
 My eldest son, John, the restaurateur, and his lovely wife, Kristin, are both wonderful soup makers. I am indebted to them for telling me about immersion blenders. I bought one like this for about twenty bucks a couple of years ago and I do love it when I want to puree (or just blend slightly) a hot soup.

Here below is our simple supper: fresh, homemade, healthy, economical, and quite tasty.

Cook's note: My version of this soup had a bit of bite to it, with more garlic, fresh ginger, and curry than the recipe called for. You can make a milder version by sticking to the original recipe. It still fills the house with lovely exotic cooking scents and has a good flavor.