Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shadowy birds, a full moon, and colliding planets: a quiet Saratoga County weekend at home

On winter evenings, the cardinals are always the last birds to visit our feeders. In the deep dusk, they become no more than gray shadows moving about the yard. They must feel safe then, their bright plumage erased by the approaching night.

Last night, the Handsome Husband and I stood and watched the full moon rise over the horizon. So quickly it rose, from a hint of an arc to the full bright orb in only a minute or two.  It reminded me of the images of the planet Melancholia in the Lars von Trier movie we saw Friday night at the Saratoga Film Forum. (The movie is about a mysterious new planet threatening to collide into the Earth. Not exactly holiday fare and I'm not sure I'd recommend it. But I do like the Saratoga Film Forum.)

Today, running errands after church, I spotted the new commemorative Civil War issue of The Atlantic among the magazines for sale in the grocery store and bought a copy for the HH. Although he protested that I should have saved it to give him at Christmas, he has not put it down this past hour and a half. It's fun to see someone deriving pleasure from a gift you've given them.

In a little while, we will turn on the television and flip back and forth between the Chicago at Denver football game (with Tim Tebow)  on Fox and (sigh!) the Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego game on CBS. The HH says he is getting weary from years of rooting for the Mets and the Bills. Wait'll next year, indeed.

Soon, I will have to arouse myself and start making a zillion cookies for the neighborhood cookie swap at Nealie's on Tuesday night. It's a good thing a simple homemade soup from leftovers is on the supper menu for tonight: butternut squash soup, I'm thinking, maybe with a salad and biscuits.

Wishing you a warm soup and a cosy evening at home, too.

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