Sunday, November 6, 2011

A North Country November Saturday

The Handsome Husband and I headed down the Northway Saturday morning to watch the Lake George High School boys soccer team play in the class C sectional finals at Colonie High School. The game ended 0-0, went into sudden death overtime, when alas, Maple Hill scored a goal and won the title. The day was cool but a cloudless sky made sitting in the sun very pleasant. Both teams played well and hard, making it exciting to watch.

Leaving the soccer game, we headed down Central Avenue to check out how things were going at Occupy Albany in Academy Park.
 As a professional mother, I'd say they are going pretty well.

I counted over fifty tents.
Everything seemed pretty clean and organized.

Meetings were being held ...
... and law and order is encouraged.
Grandparents felt safe bringing along their grandchildren (and equipped them with drums and tambourines.)

Demonstrators held up signs for passing cars, but there were no rude shouts or attempts to block traffic.
The atmosphere in the park was so civilized that a wedding party was able to take photos on the edge of the encampment without any problem.

I'm impressed.

On Saturday evening, the HH* and I drove north to Queensbury for a trivia night to benefit the Glens Falls Youth Center. We've played before with some area teachers I know through high school quiz team. Sometimes we win, but last night, our team lost by one point.

The real winner was the Glens Falls Youth Center, which in this economy needs all the help it can get. It was great to see a group of Skidmore students there last night, helping with the fundraiser. Apparently, several of them have been volunteering at the Youth Center throughout their four years at Skidmore. Good work, ladies. The Youth Center is a great cause. Check them out.

* And you can check out the Handsome Husband's PlanetAlbany version of Occupy Albany here.