Saturday, October 15, 2011

Supporting the Occupiers

The word went out on a NYSUT blog and on various Facebook sites about an Occupy Wall Street Solidarity Event to be held this afternoon in front of Albany's Capitol building. Despite threatening  skies, the Handsome Husband and I traveled down to attend. The HH* was there as an impartial observer for PlanetAlbany, he said. I, however, a card-carrying NYSUT member, intended to participate.

Arriving a little early, we strolled through a near by park, stopping at a memorial.The inscription on it seemed timely:

The demonstration was a little slow getting started, but eventually, by my count, over two hundred people showed up.
The crowd was older than I would have predicted. There were some young folks, but I think they were in the minority.
NYSUT's Solidarity Committee led off the speeches. (NYSUT stands for New York State United Teachers.)
The signs were many and varied...
...and no one seemed to mind having his picture taken. I did ask.
Warren Buffett would have agreed with this sign, below.
But now we were getting into a touchy area, at least for me. I'm not exactly pro-war, but as long as Americans have skin in that game, my kid or anybody else's, we'd better fund it.
Veterans for Peace, like the fellow below, make me nervous. Such a nice-sounding name, but I don't think they are very peaceful. Look them up on the web sometime. I mean, am I wrong about them?
Before the event got under way, a couple of troopers showed up. The troopers asked the NYSUT folks if there was anything they needed. Hmmmm...that's a bit different from the 60s.
Across the road, three mounted Albany policemen watched the goings on, but they never came nearer.
This gentleman from the IWW had an interesting homemade drum set.
The banner below refers to a controversial case from the capital region. Much has been written about it. You can find many links to news stories here. 

If folks who look like this...

...keep showing up at events like this ...

...somebody's got to start paying attention.

Will the varied movements and concerns help or hurt? I don't know.
But I admire the folks who are getting out there.

You should come next time.

*HH = Handsome Husband