Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little sprouts

When granddaughter number one came along a few years ago, her parents, who are in the restaurant biz, named her Marjorie Sage.

 It wasn't long before a pot of sweet marjoram and purple sage appeared on my porch in her honor.
When granddaughter number two arrived last January, she, too, received a food-themed middle name. She's Francine Ginger. I read online somewhere that you could grow a house plant from the ginger root sold in grocery stores. So wa-a-a-y back in February, I purchased some ginger and carefully tucked it into a pot.

And waited.

Nothing happened.

Summer came along and I set the pot outside.

Nothing happened.

Fall arrived and I began cleaning up pots and tossing out things that had gone by. Just as I was about to hurl the contents of this pot into the compost pile, I spied a green shoot. Could it be...?
 Yes, there it is. At long last, a ginger sprout.

You live too far away, Franny Ginger, for me to watch you get bigger each week.  For now, I will have to be content with tending these little sprouts, grown in your honor.

Did you ever see two happier sprouts than these?
I can't wait to see them and their cousin Lexi at Thanksgiving this year.
(Alexia gets a pot of Flowering a-Leeks-ia in her honor. It's a reach, I know, but it's the best I could come up with.)

Wishing you all a flavorful harvest season!