Saturday, September 24, 2011

Muggy and buggy: Where's that Adirondack fall weather I love so much?

I planned to do some gardening today but it was just too unpleasant out. Wet, wet, wet, and very mosquitoey. I gave up working at home and went out to do some errands.

I was also in search of some fall gardening inspiration. Thinking to do some fall planters and bring some color to the fading yard, I sallied forth.  Armed with a discount coupon, I headed first to Oligny's, above, where they always have something interesting to look at. I like this old washtub over-flowing with plants. But there, too, the mosquitoes were unbearable so I didn't linger long.
Home Depot had these colorful pots. I think the orange ones would be great for this time of year. The berry-colored pots would make nice fall planters, too. I thought about these orange pansies, below...
 ... and looked long and hard at asters again. I hate that this recession makes me feel guilty about buying stuff for our garden. But it's a very inconsistent guilt. We all have our vices.
What I did succumb to later was the lure of pumpkins.  Just outside of Ballston Spa, there's a family that has a seasonal stand. You can't beat their price unless you grow your own.
 They have a nice variety of sizes and colors, all quite reasonable.
 In case you live in the area, you can find their stand at 385 Malta Avenue.
This was $20 worth of pumpkins. I know, I did not need $20 worth of pumpkins. But I was supporting a local farmer! And they're recyclable! And this was a lotta pumpkins for the price. Such a deal I couldn't pass up. (Darn guilt!)
 Back at home, I set them around the yard and house. Instant color to brighten this gloomy day.
 Next to the garage...
 ... and on the front porch...
...I hope the pumpkins last until Thanksgiving. With any luck, all three of our children and their families will make it home for the holiday this November. We haven't all been together in one place in several years. I have my fingers crossed.