Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knitting in Common

At Common Thread in Saratoga Springs, the Tuesday Tea social knitting group usually meets at its Beekman Street store. But on this lovely late summer day, the ladies gathered in Saratoga's popular Congress Park and invited other knitters to join them.
I brought along my own work-in-progress and drew up a chair. At one point, there were seventeen ladies chatting and knitting together.
There was also an arts and crafts show going on in the park, which made a festive feel to the afternoon.
The owner of Common Thread,  Ashley Gardner, was available for help and advise, but mostly the ladies enjoyed the sunshine, their needlework, and each other's company.
 Part way through the afternoon, our chairs began to sway. A rare east coast earthquake had us all rocking and rolling.  No harm done, but one lady's English setter was trembling after the quake and needed comforting.

I wrote here about Common Thread when it first opened in April of 2010. I am glad to see that it has developed a loyal following. As I gear up for retirement at the end of this coming school year, I hope to take more advantage of the classes, help sessions, and social knitting times offered at this charming shop and, at least on this summer day, in the park.

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Note: You can find more information about programs offered at Common Thread yarn shop on their website,   http://www.commonthreadsaratoga.com/Home.htm . There is also an email list you can sign up for, to keep up-to-date on classes and other items of interest.

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