Saturday, August 20, 2011

A lot o' terra cotta

I don't understand economics. Oh, I don't mean the stock market flips or the problems with the Euro. I mean the prices of goods and services right here at home.

Take these lovely terra cotta pots I bought today. At Ocean State Job Lots, they were priced at $11.00 a piece. Pretty reasonable. But today, they were on sale for $6.60 each. Thus, I gave in to temptation and bought two.

Now, these are real, hefty terra cotta pots. Not plastic or resin, the real deal.
And look where they were made - Italy! Not China. How can anybody be making money on these? Terra cotta is easily breakable. At any point on their journey from Italy to Ballston Spa, NY, some of the shipment must have been lost to breakage. And then there's their weight. As I said, these are hefty suckers. At 14 inches tall, they must weigh ten pounds each. I can't imagine what it cost to ship these. 

I'm not sure how the economics of my purchase works out, but I am very happy with my bargain. I think the pots are a lovely shape. I see them keeping to their Mediterranean heritage with lots of herbs growing in them. Or perhaps I'll do some plantings for fall color. I will have to post a follow up so you can see how they turn out.

Oh, and that stack of books?  They were selling them by the inch today at the Round Lake library book sale. Nine good books on gardening and similar subjects for six bucks. That should keep me busy for a while.

What goodies did you find this weekend?

PS That's Daisy the dog posing in the first photo. She was a good bargain, too. She is an American Eskimo, found at the SPCA several years ago. She's been a good addition to the family, along with Shea, our back-up rescued dog.