Thursday, July 28, 2011

North to Westport

On this past rainy Monday afternoon, the Handsome Husband and I headed up into the 'dacks* toward Westport (NY) for an evening at the Depot Theatre.
Our original plan had been to make a day of it, stopping at the King's Garden in Ticonderoga (for me) and maybe hitting a beach somewhere along the way. The weather did not cooperate.

We stopped in Schroon Lake for dinner and then went on to Westport, where despite the rain, some folks were out boating on Lake Champlain.
The HH** and I have become fond of Westport and its charming Depot Theatre. We've been there a couple of times before and this visit was to see the second of an Alan Ayckbourn trilogy, The Norman ConquestsThis one is called Living Together. We've previously seen the first one, Round and Round the Garden, also at the Depot.
The "depot" part of the theatre is actually still a working train station, with some limited passenger service between NYC and Montreal. As above, freight trains also pass through.
There is a view back over the fairgrounds with Lake Champlain beyond. Lots of vintage railroad accoutrement dot the platform area.
The resident cat posed prettily along side an old freight scale, now weighing only geraniums.

The Depot actors are mostly Equity members (professionals) and so the quality of the show is quite good for such a small venue. I also happen to like that they threaten theatre-goers with bodily harm if they even think about trying to take a photo or to try texting during the performance.

This play runs through August 7, so if you're itching to get out of town for a few hours, I recommend a trip to Westport. The show is pretty funny. Click here for more information.

* 'dacks = Adirondack Mountains
** HH = Handsome Husband