Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knitting Club at Malta Library (updated)

Yesterday, I went to my first knitting club meeting at the Malta library.  There were seven other ladies there, very pleasant and friendly. 

We all did a bit of sharing: advice, resources, encouragement.

Here's my on-going project from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, which you can see on the "my picks" link, above right. I'm using their log cabin knitting technique to make an afghan out of a plethora of leftover yarn. One day, I may actually finish it.

Groups like the Malta knitting club have been growing in popularity over the past few years. It gives me hope for civilization, that there are still people who want to create things by hand while enjoying the company of other like-minded folks.

If you live anywhere near Malta, NY, please feel free to stop by at the next meeting. See the information, below.
Knitting Club
Where: Malta Branch, Round Lake (NY) Library
When:  The last Tuesday of every month.
Time: 4:00 pm