Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flowers, cows, and views: must be summer in Vermont

Today was an "open garden" day in Manchester and Arlington, Vermont, as sponsored by The Garden Conservancy.

I hied myself east along the Battenkill River and went first to "Rogerland" in Arlington. Among the varied gardens and features on this 20 acre property, I liked the Alice in Wonderland garden best.

It included Alice and the White Rabbit, of course, along with...

...evidence of a strange tea party.

The nearly life-sized chess set on a polished granite chessboard, below, looked like it would be a lot of fun to play.

My next stop was in Manchester Village at a lovely but more modest cook's garden. The owner is also the author of  The Complete Kitchen Garden, copies of which she was happy to inscribe and sell to visitors. I like best gardens like this one,  gardens that look like real people made them with lots of love and hard work.

She even had bees.

En route to garden number three, I encountered a charming reminder that I was truly in Vermont. Traffic was stopped for a few minutes while a farmer sent his herd back to pasture following the afternoon milking. 

Garden number three provoked this thought: I clearly have not lived my life right. I mean, what a spot!

The property includes a five acre sculpture garden. Some of the pieces I quite liked, such as these whimsical jacks game pieces.

These goats were fun, too, posed as they were on a rock outcrop.

But I liked these fat sheep, below, less well. They felt awkward and intrusive sticking up into the view.

My last stop was at the vegetable garden, part of this same property. What can I say? This is a garden I wouldn't mind weeding!

Heading back home, I noticed a sign inviting the public to a flower show in the Schuylerville (NY)Town Hall. That was fun to browse through, too. I picked up a handout from the Schuylerville Garden Club, thinking I might be interested in joining. So when do they meet? Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. 
Must not have many members with day jobs. Perhaps next year...

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.