Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess what's chic and trendy now?

In the mail today, unsolicited, came a Pottery Barn catalog. 

 I casually flipped through it and then, wait, hold on. What did that say on the page I just passed?

Yeah, there on the bottom of page 23.

Glens Falls? Yup, there it is, a genuine replica of an 1877 Glens Falls Insurance Company sign from the Chapman Museum.

For only $349, you can have one of these to hang in your own dream home.

Who knew our old hometown of Glens Falls (NY) and the Chapman Museum were such trend-setters?

Good for the Chapman. I hope the museum got a nice chunk of money for the use of the image.

Note: The Pottery Barn catalog was the August 2011 edition. You can click on the photos above to enlarge the images.