Friday, June 24, 2011

Summertime: Cakes and antiques and gardens, oh my!

The last day of the school year is often a bit perfunctory. The desks are cleared off, planbooks and keys are handed in, and at our school, we gather for breakfast together. My contribution this year was a Scandinavian lemon - blueberry coffee cake, pictured above. Around it I scattered some aromatic herbs from my garden: mint, sage, lavender, sweet marjoram, rosemary, tarragon, edible marigolds, and Johnny jump-ups, along with some lemon slices. It all tasted and smelled and looked like summer. Not a crumb of cake was left.  A friend said I should win the prize for presentation. (Smile.)

So now the fun really starts. Tomorrow, I may check out the annual Round Lake Antiques Festival. The village of Round Lake, NY is a pretty little community of  Victorian cottages nestled together and oozing charm. It's quite near us and if the weather cooperates, I will likely spend at least a little of Saturday there.

On Sunday, my sister, niece, and I will be taking the Soroptimists of Saratoga Secret Gardens Tour. There are still some tickets available. Check out the link. I will be bringing my camera.

Plus, it's jazz festival weekend at SPAC.  How can we fit all this in?