Friday, June 10, 2011

Mystery flowers

In my June garden, two yellow perennials live happily side by side. They bloom faithfully each spring and both plants seem to be tough as nails. But what they are, I cannot say for sure. The first, I think, may be called sundrops.

Next to the "sundrops" are these plants, below. Yellow loosestrife, perhaps? Who knows? Do you?

Whatever they are, I appreciate their cheerful persistence.

With all the rain we had this spring, the clematis vines are finally putting on a good show. I haven't had much luck with these in my dry garden, but this year they are much happier.

I'm not sure what variety these are. I inherited them from the previous owners of this house. Don't they look like something Dorothy Lamour should tuck behind her ear?

Our flowering spirea shrubs, below, are looking lovely, too. Hearty, reliable, nearly impossible to kill. These, too, were planted by a previous owner, but I didn't like where they were located. I hacked them back, crudely dug them up, and plopped them down again in a new spot with little ceremony. I swear they were growing again before I filled in the new hole.

My garden is Darwinian: whatever can survive here is welcome. From very cold winters to steamy summers, with dry sandy soil and plenty of hungry bugs and rabbits, we have it all. So if our assorted mystery plants feel at home here, I am glad to let them be.