Thursday, June 9, 2011

Girls in Bows

Earlier this year, when Bee Balm Gal was too burned out to blog (suffering from TBOTB syndrome?) our daughter-in-law posted this picture on Facebook. It is of our granddaughter, Marjorie, then not-quite four. She had done her own hair that day, and was replete with bows.

Half a continent away, at about the same time, Bob's cousin's granddaughter, Charlotte, also made an appearance on Facebook. Charlotte is about the same age as Margie. Charlotte, too, was feeling cosmetologically creative that week. Charlotte is pictured below, as she appeared on Facebook, also well-bowed. 

Although these two young ladies have never met, it is clear that they should. Great minds think alike!

And, yes, girls, you are both quite right. Life is short and you can never have enough bows in your hair.