Sunday, October 3, 2010

Unexpected History

The Handsome Husband and I decided to take our two small dogs for a walk this Sunday along the banks of the Hudson River in Moreau State Park. It was a brisk fall day and the river was looking lovely.
We arrived just as the "Indians" - Mohawks, we presume - were beaching their canoes.
A film crew, we were told, was doing a piece about Saint Isaac Jogues. This scary-looking fellow, getting a bit cold between shots, donned a jacket.
It's no wonder. He really had very little on (note the absence of actual, um, pants.)

All sorts of characters were wandering about. Below, the director was talking things over with two more Indians. These two looked as if they might actually have been native Mohawks. (Note my husband in the back left, scurrying to get himself and the dogs out of the pending film shot.)
We were told by a cast member that their finished piece would air on the "Catholic channel" (by which they may have meant EWTN ) and also the History Channel.
We got our walk in by detouring around the film crew.
Moreau State Park is a lovely spot but like many New York State parks, it has a "carry in/ carry out" policy. In other words - no trash cans. The trouble is, lots of people carry in but don't always carry out.
Below, the HH* easily filled a bag with other people's crap on our return loop.
Hey, folks, please don't make my dogs walk on your broken beer bottles.
This probably wasn't an issue for Fr. Isaac Jogues in the 1640s.
Although come to think of it, the Iroquois did, allegedly, cut, chew or burn off several of his fingers so he was no longer able to say Mass.
Really, his was not a happy ending...

*HH =Handsome Husband