Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Molly!

On the back of this photo, I have written that it was taken in the fall of 1994, which would mean that you were just barely nine years old in this picture. Here you are between your two brothers, during a busy fall when all three of you were playing soccer.

In 1994, I would never have guessed where this birthday would find you. A grown woman now, married to a handsome Army medic...
...with a young blond stepdaughter of your own...

... and very proud parents back home.

As I write this, it is still Friday morning, September 3, here in upstate New York. But in four hours, it will be Saturday, September 4, in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. I am posting this now so that you can wake up to happy birthday wishes and lots of love from your family back home.
With much love, Your proud Mom and Dad