Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steppin' out in Schenectady County

Last week, the HH* and I dined and enjoyed some local music at two different Schenectady County venues. On Wednesday, we went to Freedom Park in Scotia to hear the Rymanowski Brothers polka band. There were enough eager adult polka dancers that the little kids who wished to dance in front of the bandstand, a usual sight at outdoor summer concerts, had some competition for floor space.

Freedom Park is on the banks of the Mohawk River and some folks were out water skiing behind the band shell.
We had dinner at the adjacent (and locally famous) Jumpin' Jack's. Mmmm... burgers and onion rings. Sure tasted like summer to me.

The next night we headed to the glam Stockade Inn in Schenectady's historic Stockade neighborhood. The food was very good. We chose to eat in the lounge instead of the dining room so that we could listen to Sonny and Perley
perform their jazzy/bossa nova music with vocals and keyboard. A very good sax player sat in, but I have forgotten his name. We had first heard Sonny and Perley at a Saratoga First Night venue and liked them very much.
In the Stockade Inn's lounge, we ran into Tim Coakley, which wasn't too surprising. Tim Coakley = Schenectady and jazz. If you live locally and are a night owl, catch Tim's jazz radio show on Saturday nights at 11:00 pm on WAMC.
* HH = Handsome Husband